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Let’s create a better future

Welcome to Visakan

Welcome to Visakan Industry Inc : Shaping a Sustainable Future

Step into Visakan Industry Inc., a hub of innovation committed to forging a sustainable future through conscious business practices and positive global influence.

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As a global corporation, we offer tailor-made services through our diverse vertical companies

Sustainable e-commerce

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PLA Products

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Ethical Paper

We don’t cut trees. We use 100% recycled paper products… Read More

Sustainable alternatives to your company to tackle Co2 Emissions

Destination for conscious living

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Ecosphere CEO
Best solutions

Dedicated to the empowerment of communities

The Satyagraha Foundation of India initiates and supports projects that address vital issues, creating enduring impacts in the lives of those most in need.

  • Satyagraha is our non-profit arm, embodying the spirit of peaceful resistance and social change.

  • Committed to empowering communities and championing social justice,

  • the environment is preserved, and opportunities abound.

Trusted by 200+ companies across the globe

Best solutions

Let’s create a better future

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful mission

to build a world where business thrives, people prosper, and the planet flourishes.

With these ethos at our core

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Our highly skilled team is adept at facilitating the growth of your business.

Building a sustainable future is not just a choice; it’s our responsibility to nurture and preserve the world we share.

Pravillika Ramanan
Pravillika Ramanan

Founder & CEO – Ecopreneur

AS Ramanan COO
AS Ramanan

COO – Operational Exports

Selvaraj P

Executive Director

Amrith R

Sustainability Marketing Associate

Dharani S

Finance expert

Rahavi P

Senior Transaction Specialist

Real-life results

Subsidiaries results for their customers


Decrease in Co2 Emission Records

“Ecosphere has revolutionized my sustainable journey with their eco-friendly products. The quality and commitment to environmental responsibility are commendable.”


Amutha Krishnan


Converted users

“Bhadrica’s productivity journals have become my daily companion, elevating my organizational skills. A must-have for professionals seeking growth.”


Divakar Anand


Client Satisfaction

“Eezewag’s reliability in the global market is unparalleled. Their dedication to sustainable resource trade ensures a mutually beneficial partnership on international stage.


Subash V