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Our Mission: Creating A Planet Without ‘Plastic

Transforming our world into a plastic-free planet requires collective action and innovative solutions. Join us on this journey towards sustainability, where every step counts in creating a cleaner, greener future

  • Eliminating plastic reduces pollution, conserves natural resources, and protects ecosystems, contributing to a healthier planet

  • A plastic-free environment reduces exposure to harmful chemicals, promoting better health outcomes for individuals and communities.

  • By embracing alternatives to plastic, we pave the way for sustainable practices that support long-term economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Best solutions

We offer premier plastic alternatives worldwide, prioritizing sustainability and excellence

Choosing our plastic alternatives promotes environmental stewardship and supports a sustainable future.


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Pravillika Ramanan

Meet our amazing team

Our highly skilled team is adept at facilitating the growth of your business.

Building a sustainable future is not just a choice; it’s our responsibility to nurture and preserve the world we share.

AS Ramanan COO

AS Ramanan

COO – Operational Exports

Selvaraj P

Executive Director


Amrith R

Sustainability Marketing Associate


Dharani S

Finance expert

Frequently asked questions

The misconception that eco-friendly products are costly is debunked; in reality, they offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions

What are sustainable eco-friendly products?2024-05-18T07:01:44+00:00

Sustainable eco-friendly products are items that are designed and produced with minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. This includes using renewable resources, reducing waste, minimizing energy consumption, and considering ethical and social factors in production.

How do sustainable products benefit the environment?2024-05-18T07:03:13+00:00

Sustainable products benefit the environment in various ways. They reduce carbon emissions, conserve natural resources like water and forests, minimize pollution, and promote biodiversity. Additionally, they often support fair labor practices and contribute to a more circular economy.

Are eco-friendly products more expensive than conventional ones?2024-05-18T07:03:56+00:00

While there may be a perception that eco-friendly products are more expensive, this isn’t always the case. Advances in technology and growing consumer demand have made sustainable products more accessible and competitively priced. Over time, their durability and energy-saving features can also lead to cost savings.

Where can I find reliable information and resources about sustainable products?2024-05-18T07:07:28+00:00

To find reliable information and resources about sustainable products, you can consult reputable environmental organizations, government agencies, and independent product reviews. Additionally, Visakan industry inc is the only company having all ecofriendly products under one roof and provides transparent information about our sustainability practices on our websites.

Best solutions

Core Values

Doing what is good for the community, country, climate, customer and company.

At Ecosphere, we are united by our shared mission, working seamlessly as a Complementary Team to achieve excellence. We take full Ownership of our responsibilities, consistently delivering outstanding results and seeking value in every endeavor. Our commitment extends to developing People within our organization, fostering growth and success together.

Integrity is paramount in all our actions, guiding us to uphold the highest ethical standards at all times. We prioritize understanding our Customers, ensuring that we deliver unmatched value and exceed their expectations consistently. With zero complacency, we embrace a culture of Continuous Improvement, always striving to enhance our processes and offerings for a brighter future.

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We generate results for our customers

Hi Ecoshpere, your products are amazing. I did purchased Seed Pencils, Plates, Spoon, Tooth Brush for my son’s birthday party and every one felt it amazing. I did purchased A4 Sheets for my office and the first questions from my clients are that where did you purchased this A4 Sheets. I had given your reference to many of my business friends. Let’s be responsible citizen and protect the mother nature and if feel everyone should start using Ecofriendly products.

S Ramasubramanian

Thanks to exosphere for the A4 recycle paper. Very cost effective and best quality. Thanks for the team of exosphere who offered wide range of other products to my other office notebooks.

I’m very much interested to take this products to USA relatives Canteens. Will let you know as soon as

Mithun J

Plantable paper pens are in a well planned manner and serve as a unique gift for my biz meet, many ppl happy by receiving it with other plastic free products.. last min order with customization done by ur team, that was fantastic.. thanks for the best product from ecosphere.. way to go..

Srinivasan M

Wide variety of Plastic Alternatives available with them without compromising the quality. Good initiative for eco friendly prodcuts.

satheesh palanisamy

We’ve sourced recycled paper professionally and sustainably, ensuring an overall positive and eco-friendly purchase experience.

Kumaran Kumaran

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