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Paper Tupe Boxces

Special in manufacturing paper tubes

Paper tube packaging is a global trend, offering lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly solutions for industries like cosmetics and food. Its blend of safety, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability makes it ideal for businesses and environmentally conscious consumers. Customizable designs enhance branding and product appeal.

As a green alternative to traditional materials, paper tube packaging reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions, contributing to a cleaner planet. Its secure packaging ensures product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Versatile and adaptable, paper tube packaging suits various products and applications. Its convenience and cost-effectiveness benefit both customers and businesses. With rising eco-consciousness, paper tube packaging aligns with sustainable practices and values.

In summary, paper tube packaging is a modern, eco-friendly solution prioritizing safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, driving innovation and positive change towards a greener future.

Paper Cardboard Cosmetics Tube Packaging Boxes

Our custom paper cardboard cosmetic tube packaging offers professional-grade protection and extensive customization. Ideal for hair serums, shampoos, medications, herbal powders, and various cosmetics, it ensures product integrity and market appeal. Elevate your brand with our versatile, high-quality packaging solutions. Achieve superior presentation with our eco-friendly, durable, and customizable options. Stand out in the market with our premium packaging that reflects your brand’s excellence.

Full-color custom printed white surface paper cardboard tube packaging for candles

Elevate your candle sales with custom cardboard cylinder tube packaging, designed to create a romantic ambience and capture consumers’ attention. These versatile packaging solutions provide flexibility and customization for various candle styles, ensuring a visually appealing and marketable product. Enhance your brand’s presentation with high-quality, eco-friendly packaging that stands out. Our innovative designs ensure both protection and aesthetic appeal. Achieve a superior market presence with our customizable candle packaging.


From 50 ml to 1000 ml essential oil bottles, safety is paramount. Our custom cardboard tube packaging offers secure and protective solutions for your valuable products. With sturdy construction and tailored dimensions, these paper tubes ensure a perfect fit, safeguarding your essential oil bottles from damage during storage and transit. Enhance your brand’s reputation with our high-quality, eco-friendly packaging. Achieve superior protection and presentation with our customizable packaging options.

apparel Tube

Our custom logo-printed packaging tubes are perfect for clothing items such as t-shirts, shorts, socks, baby dresses, towels, and more. These cylindrical cardboard boxes provide secure, visually appealing packaging solutions, ensuring product integrity and enhancing brand presentation. Designed for durability and aesthetics, they protect your apparel during transit and storage. Elevate your brand with our high-quality, customizable packaging. Achieve superior market appeal with our eco-friendly and innovative packaging options.

Consumer Electronics Packaging

Our consumer electronics paper tube packaging is ideal for earbuds, headphones, hair straighteners, razors, and various electronic products. These cardboard tubes offer secure, stylish packaging solutions that ensure product protection and enhance brand appeal. Designed for durability and aesthetics, they safeguard your electronics during transit and storage. Elevate your brand with our high-quality, customizable packaging. Achieve superior market presence with our eco-friendly and innovative packaging options.

Using a round cardboard box for flower packaging offers a stylish and eco-friendly presentation, enhancing the visual appeal of preserved roses. The durable craft board ensures protection during transit, maintaining the flowers’ pristine condition. Customizable designs on the box provide branding opportunities, making it ideal for upscale gifting. Additionally, its recyclable nature aligns with sustainability goals, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

  • As a manufacturer of cardboard cylinder boxes, we provide a range of structure options to meet customized requirements:

    1. Caps: Options include paper caps, paper caps with windows, metal lids, easy peel lids, easy pull lids, plastic buckle caps, and tinplate caps.
    2. Bottoms: Choose from paper curled bottoms, paper flat bottoms, paper crimped bottoms with heat sealing, tinplate bottoms, and tinplate plugs.
    3. Inner Walls: We offer environmentally friendly cardboard, food-grade kraft paper, food-grade aluminium foil, PLA-coated options, and more to suit various packaging needs.
  • When it comes to cardboard tube packaging, various materials offer distinct advantages:

    1. Base Paper: Essential for structural integrity, common options include 300 GSM/0.5mm, 600 GSM/1mm, 1200 GSM/2mm, 1500 GSM/2.5mm, and 1800 GSM/3mm, providing varying levels of strength to support products securely.
    2. Mounted Paper: Crucial for aesthetic appeal and branding, choices like white art paper, black cardboard, kraft paper, gold & silver cardboard, and fancy papers such as glitter or holographic paper enable diverse printing effects and design possibilities.
  • For cylindrical cardboard tubes, we provide a range of finishing options to enhance their appeal and elevate product value:

    1. Debossing and Embossing: Create a tactile and visually appealing effect by debossing or embossing logos and patterns onto the tube surface.
    2. Laminating: Choose between glossy or matte laminating post-printing to add durability and a refined finish.
    3. Spot UV: Highlight logos and patterns with spot UV coating, adding a luxurious and eye-catching touch to the packaging.
    4. High-End Surface Finishes: Elevate the aesthetics with silk matte, fine linen, canvas textures, metallic finishes, and hollow-out designs, offering premium visual and tactile experiences.
  • As a leading custom paper tubes manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet our customers’ packaging needs:

    1. Rapid Sampling: We provide fast sampling services with a competitive cost, delivering samples tailored to our customers’ specifications within 3 days and shipping them via reliable channels like Shiprocket.
    2. Design Support: Our engineering team offers free design services and templates based on customer ideas, ensuring creative and effective packaging solutions.
    3. Efficient Production: With over 5 production lines, we guarantee fast lead times for bulk orders, capable of producing up to 5,000 units in just 7 days.
    4. Quality Assurance: We maintain strict quality control measures, inspecting raw materials upon receipt and conducting thorough checks on finished products post-production to ensure top-notch quality.
    5. Dedicated Customer Service: Our sales team provides attentive assistance throughout the order process, offering after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction post-shipment.

Our amazing team is always hard at work

Customers love our prices, quality, speed, service, trust, and desire for long-term partnerships.

Customer feedback for our paper tube packaging has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting key aspects of our service:

  1. Competitive Pricing and Quality: Customers appreciate our ability to provide high-quality paper tube boxes at competitive prices, acknowledging the rarity of finding such professionalism in the market.
  2. Efficient Lead Times: Our quick turnaround for sampling orders (3 days) and bulk orders (7 days for quantities under 5,000 pcs) has earned widespread satisfaction among our clientele.
  3. Professional Service: Customers commend our team’s professionalism in packaging discussions, finding it easy and productive to collaborate with our sales representatives.
  4. Trustworthiness: Our reliability and exceptional sales service have garnered strong trust from customers, who rely on our support and assistance throughout the ordering process.
  5. Building Long-term Relationships: The desire to establish ongoing business relationships underscores the trust and confidence customers have in our expertise as a professional factory specializing in paper tube boxes.

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